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Welcome to the Society of Intelligent Travelers

Travel the world with unique, members-only benefits worth thousands - like no "travel club" you've ever seen!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ask questions or get support?

Support is available 8am - 5pm in your country, by local phone number and email. Members also have Live Chat available in the Member-Only area.

NOT YET A MEMBER: If you are not yet a member, and have questions about joining the Society, or you have questions about membership billing email Membership@IntelligentTravelSociety.com
Or Call In France 33 9 70 73 36 16    In UK 0330 808 4419    In US 888.398.5350

MEMBERS: If you are already a member and have questions about accessing or using your benefits, or booking travel, email Travel@IntelligentTravelSociety.com
Or Call In France 33 9 70 73 36 16    In UK 0330 808 4419    In US 888.398.5350

TELEPHONE MENU: Call the number for your country and follow the menu to get to the best department to help you. Select from the following prompts:

Press 1. If you are NOT a Member and have questions about joining the Society
Press 2. For Members with questions about using the members only website, accessing your benefits or booking travel.
Press 3. For Members with Membership Billing Questions
Press 4. For Your Personal Concierge - Members Only

What is the society?

SHORTER: The Society is not a "Travel Club" - because clubs often have weak benefits that do not offer real value to travelers. The Society is a worldwide network of savvy travelers sharing innovative travel advantages and expert travel services worth thousands each year - only to members. Brought to you by the leading innovator in travel for 25 years, InteleTravel.com - with a no-risk 100% 'No Questions Asked' Money-Back Guarantee!*

LONGER: We've brought together a worldwide network of savvy, experienced travelers to build a set of services and benefits that is most certainly NOT your father's travel club. Enjoy real value with top names in travel. No distressed time share resorts. No off brands. Instead you'll have VIP access to practical travel advantages that save you money and hassle, plus bonus extras and travel insider secrets. Your own personal concierge assistance around the clock, 7 days a week. Worldwide Airport Lounge Membership and Baggage Reimbursement programs. Automatic travel insurance, medical coverage and legal support. Not to mention the best travel prices - with a money-back assurance!

Join like-minded travelers with a case of wanderlust as chronic as yours, for globetrotting, growing, sharing and living through travel to the most beautiful destinations of the world and it's most interesting cultures. Enjoy a suite of VIP Benefits and Savings - not available before now and worth thousands each year. Brought to you by the leading innovator in travel for 25 years, InteleTravel.com - with a no-risk 100% 'No Questions Asked' Money-Back Guarantee!* Are you ready to satisfy your bucket list? Get your journey started today!

What are the benefits?


INTELESEARCH Look SMART for the world's best travel deals! Online booking portal with latest technology for worldwide major brands: airline tickets - including 100 low cost carriers, car rentals, hotels, vacation condos & time share resorts, activities and more - with the best local fares and negotiated contracts. No fees.

SUPER HOT DEALS The best vacations the world has to offer - at the best members-only pricing! Tick off those bucket list destinations for less than you expected.

SMARTFARE BEST PRICE ASSURANCE! No more guessing if you got the best fare, or feeling burned when you find a better price after you purchased. To ensure your trust in The Society, we will meet or beat any valid comparable travel price or credit you 110% of the difference!

BRILLIANT CONCIERGE 24/7 expert personalized assistance with worldwide restaurants, activities, assistance, any kind of question at all. Need a wake up call? A calendar reminder? Flowers and gifts? Traffic and weather updates? Help with a lost credit card or trip interruption? Make a toll-free call to your personal BrilliantConcierge, anytime, anywhere.

BRIGHTPERKS Condos, Dining & Entertainment values that save you money or add valuable extras and bonuses from over 300,000 of the world's best vacation condos, timeshare resorts, merchants. restaurants, stores, theme parks, ski and golf resorts, movie theaters, spas/salons and so much more! Average users can save over $2,000USD annually, or approximately 1300 GBP or 1800 Euro. Free mobile app!

ALERT Automatic Flight/Accident Insurance $200,000 USD coverage (or approximately 130,000 GBP or 180,000 Euro) with every ticket so you travel with peace of mind.

ALERT Worldwide Medical Solutions Medical evacuation to get you quickly to healthcare that meets your standard, with no out of pocket co-pay and no deductible. Plus medical referrals and consultations, legal support, security and safety advisories while traveling, and more.

ACCESS Airport Club Lounges - access more than 850 airport clubs and private lounges in over 400 cities worldwide. Relax and refresh in comfort and quiet, with beverage and food service and other VIP amenities for travelers - many include complimentary snacks, alcoholic beverages and wifi. Welcome to Lounge Class - with no membership fees or annual fees (modest reduced day usage fee per visit).

BRAINYBAG luggage fee reimbursement program. Overweight luggage? Needed more than one suitcase? Forced to pay steep airline baggage fees - even from the first bag? Get back those fees with our unique BrainyBag rebate benefit - up to $10 rebate, 4 times per year.

NEW! CROWD SOURCED TRAVEL EXPERIENCES - The Society has harnessed the latest technology and the social media revolution to bring you this first-of-its-kind benefit. Now you can contribute and discuss your own travel dreams and ideas in our unique online forum with other experienced travelers. When the ideas and recommendations reach some agreement, The Society's professional travel consultants will step in and build the trip your group designed, according to your specifications and inclusions; price it through our best contracts and relationships; and deliver an actual travel itinerary and experience you and your online collaborators, family and friends can reserve. The contributing group then travel's on this personalized, customized, crowd-sourced travel experience!

Unique Benefits & Savings Worth Thousands
Enjoy a suite of VIP Benefits and Savings - not available before now and worth thousands each year.

Who owns the Society?

The society was created by and is owned by InteleTravel.com, a leading travel company celebrating its 25th anniversary. InteleTravel is accredited by all major travel brands and travel industry organizations, and has an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

How much does membership cost?

One time membership fee of USD $179.95 169 Euro 125 GBP
Unlimited support fee of USD $39.95 per month 39 Euro 29 GBP
There are no other fees. (At enrollment your card will be charged the one-time membership fee and your first month Unlimited Support fee, for a total of $219.90 USD, 208 Euro, 154 GBP)

How much is membership worth, or how much can I save?

When you take advantage of all or most of the benefits, a typical member can save thousands of dollars per year, or even more. We even have a savings calculator (found in the Condos, Dining & Entertainment tab on the Dashboard in the Members Only area) to help you predict your savings on travel, dining, entertainment, shopping and more. The Airport Lounge benefit alone would cost $300 - $500 USD or more for annual membership in just one airline's lounges (you get 850+ lounges in 400 cities through multiple carriers in our program) - so just that one benefit is worth the price of membership in the Society. Concierge services charge $1000 USD per year, or even per month! Others charge per call, $25 - $50 USD. So if you conservatively say our unlimited 24 hour concierge service is worth $50 per month, that's $600 USD per year - again just one benefit that is worth more than the cost of membership! Add these up, with flight insurance (average premium for this coverage is $30 - $40USD per flight. How many flights do you take a year?), medical solutions and evacuation (average premium for this type of coverage is $100USD per trip; how many trips do you take a year?), baggage fee reimbursement ($40 cash back per year), savings on all types of travel, members-only trips, etc. and the Society is clearly worth thousands of USD to just an an average user each year, many times the cost of membership. If you are a frequent traveler, heavy user or business traveler, it only gets that much better!

Is this for real/too good to be true? How could it cost so little?

The Society and InteleTravel leverage special contracts, decades-long industry relationships and high volume to bring this much value at such a low cost to members. We have to meet large minimums of members in each benefit program, for example. If you were to purchase any of these services as an individual traveler, they would cost many times the volume-discounted cost we have negotiated for you.

In what countries is membership available?

Currently France and the United Kingdom, and soon in the US. Websites, support and all services are currently available in English, Spanish and French language. The Society is not approved for sale in any other countries at this time, but there are plans to expand.

As a member can I earn commissions or am I a travel agent?

No the society is a unique and valuable portfolio of benefits for travelers, not travel agents. InteleTravel.com has a famed home-based travel agent program, but that is a separate product and has different benefits from the society and is currently only available in North America. To have a true home based agent program, with full features and benefits, and fully compliant in other countries like yours is complex. Our plan is to offer the home based agent program in Europe later in 2016. Eventually both products, the Society and the InteleTravel Agent program, will be available in both the US and Europe.

Can Society Members book a hotel or flight or vacation for a friend if they are not going on the trip too? What about sharing other benefits with non-Members?

First, a Member can only be a single person/single name, not two people or more. And must be an actual person, not a company or other entity. However Society Members can book airfares, car rentals, hotels, condos, resort weeks, cruises, holidays and any kind of travel for friends, family, anyone! The Member is the only one with access to the booking engines, discount offers and special phone lines or other Members-only access. But the Member does not have to be a passenger on the trips or other discount opportunities. So that's a great extension of the discounts on travel and on shopping, dining, entertainment and more to a Member's friends and family. There are some benefits that are for members only however, and can only be accessed by members. They are the flight insurance and medical evacuation coverages, other medical and legal support, the private concierge service, airport lounge access (some lounges may admit other travelers in your party for free or for a small fee, but only the member can use the ID card), luggage fee reimbursement, etc.

Are there members-only trips?

Members Only Trips can be found in the benefit of that title on the Member Dashboard, plus we go beyond other programs by allowing you to build your own trips from discounted hotel, air, car and activity booking engines (see the Booking Widget on Members Dashboard). PLUS…vacation condos, timeshare resorts and discount hotels may be found in the MY DEALS program - under Condos, Dining & Entertainment Benefit tab on the Dashboard. AND you can collaborate on your dream trips with other members in the Crowd Source Your Trip benefit. Then our travel agents will actually build the trip and price it with our discount contracts. You may have seen other "travel clubs" that focus on supposed discount trips. They are usually built around off-brand resorts and distressed, low quality time share inventory, or even travel certificates. They focus on these things because those clubs do not have real travel benefits. The Society has actual travel advantages and VIP benefits worth thousands each year (discount air, car, hotel, activities; vacation condos, airport lounge access, concierge, travel insurance, etc.) - the specific members-only trips we offer are just one of our benefits.

What methods of payment are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover card, American Express, charged in your local currency (no conversion rate)

Am I obligated to a long-term contract? When can I cancel?

The society has no long-term contracts, you may cancel your membership at any time with no penalty.

What guarantees do I have?

The society guarantees your satisfaction as a member and offers a No-Risk 30 Day 'No Questions Asked' 100% Money Back Guarantee. Cancel for any reason in your first 30 days, and the society will return 100% of your membership fee and first month unlimited support fee.

In addition, the Society has a Best Travel Price Assurance. The travel prices offered through the society's programs are guaranteed to be the best available at the time of your booking, or we will meet or beat any valid competitors price, or compensate you with 110% of the difference.

How do I update my payment information?

Soon a My Profile tab will be available on the Members-Only Dashboard. Until then please call us at the number for your country or email us at membership@intelligenttravelsociety.com

How do I book travel?

In the Members-Only area there are state of the art booking engines for air, car, hotel, activities and entertainment, Hot Deals, Members-Only Trips and more. Plus there are special deal listings in the Condos, Dining & Entertainment benefit tab - including restaurants, hotels, vacation condos, time share resorts, and over 300,000 other merchants. For support booking travel, use the live chat feature in the members only area or email travel@intelligenttravelsociety.com or select 2 on the telephone menu.

How do I access the other benefits?

Go to members.IntelligentTravelSociety.com and click Member Sign In. Enter your username and password. Click on any benefit on the dashboard for complete details and instructions.

For some benefits you are automatically set up for immediate access, for others you must register:

For support on individual benefits, use the live chat feature in the Members-Only area or email travel@intelligenttravelsociety.com or select 2 on the telephone menu.

I have a travel price comparison/I found a better price

Go to members.IntelligentTravelSociety.com and click Member Sign In. Enter your username and password. Click on Travel Price Assurance benefit on the dashboard for complete details and instructions. Remember that travel price comparisons are complex, so you must follow the instructions carefully to make sure you have a valid comparison.

For support on travel price assurance, use the live chat feature in the Members-Only area or email travel@intelligenttravelsociety.com or select 2 on the telephone menu.